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The Ultimate Australian List of Plants That Grow From Cuttings

The Ultimate Australian List of Plants That Grow From Cuttings | Sage & Twine

At Sage & Twine, we pride ourselves on offering beautiful macrame pieces, including fruit hammocks and hat hangers, that are sustainable and handcrafted with attention to detail. In this article, we will explore the world of plants that grow from cuttings in Australia, answering your most common questions and offering some tips on how to propagate your plants successfully.

What plants can you grow from cuttings in Australia?

Many plants can be propagated from cuttings in Australia. Here is a list of some popular options:

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Fuchsia
  • Bougainvillea
  • Geranium
  • Salvia
  • Grevillea
  • Hibiscus

What Australian natives can you grow from cuttings?

Australian native plants that can be propagated from cuttings include:

  • Banksia
  • Callistemon (Bottlebrush)
  • Melaleuca (Tea tree)
  • Leptospermum (Australian Myrtle)
  • Prostanthera (Mint bush)

What is the easiest plant to propagate from cuttings?

Some of the easiest plants to propagate from cuttings are:

  • Pothos
  • Spider plant
  • Snake plant

Can you put cuttings straight into soil?

Yes, you can put some cuttings straight into the soil. However, it's essential to make sure the soil is well-draining and moist. Some plants may root more easily in water before being transferred to soil.

Which plant cuttings root in water?

Some plants that can be easily propagated in water include:

  • Pothos
  • Philodendron
  • Spider plant
  • English ivy

Can you grow any plant from a cutting?

Not all plants can be propagated from cuttings. Some plants, like succulents and certain trees, require specific propagation methods like division, air layering, or grafting.

What is the fastest plant to propagate?


Pothos is considered one of the fastest plants to propagate. Its cuttings can root in water within a week or two, and you'll see new growth soon after. Other fast-growing plants to propagate include spider plants and philodendrons.

What are the 4 main types of cuttings?

There are four main types of cuttings used for plant propagation:

  1. Stem cuttings
  2. Leaf cuttings
  3. Root cuttings
  4. Division

Each method is suitable for different types of plants, so it's essential to research which technique works best for your specific plant.

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