About Us

Sage & Twine are Bethany and Joel


We are Passionate about Macrame and home design. Our goal is to make it easy to love every part of your home.

Based out of Aspley, Brisbane we began our marriage as a teacher and disability support worker. Since spending much more time at home in 2020 our small business became our main focus and we adore it. As you can imagine, most of our home's decor is macrame!

Our macrame is made from wooden dowels and pure cotton, which we love because it is all natural, 100% plastic free, bio-degradable (while still being sturdy) and beautiful - for your home and the earth.

We are now investing in Biodegradable packaging and labels for your orders, and we try and reuse what resources we can to reduce waste.

Here at Sage and Twine we understand how important it is to create a space that you love and feel completely at home in.

We have created this collection, so that you can transform your home into a sanctuary, and be at peace with your space.


Joel & Bethany