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Top 10 Macrame Trends Right Now. No1 is Cap Hangers!

The world of macrame is evolving rapidly with new trends popping up every day. However, the spotlight is firmly on one item right now - the macrame cap hanger! Here at Sage & Twine, we're thrilled to share the top 10 macrame trends taking the world by storm.

1. Macrame Cap Hangers

Undeniably taking the crown, the macrame cap hangers have become an aesthetic staple in homes worldwide. Made from sustainable materials, these hangers are not only eco-friendly but are also an eye-catching element in any room. The attention to detail in our macrame cap hangers will certainly not go unnoticed.

What is a Macrame Cap Hanger?

A macrame cap hanger is a decorative piece that doubles as a hat organizer. Handwoven using macrame techniques, it allows you to hang your hats aesthetically on the wall. They are most commonly made on commission, but at Sage and Twine, our macrame cap hangers are ready to ship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you are happy with your purchase.

How much cord do I need for a macrame cap hanger?

Generally, for a standard-sized macrame cap hanger, you'd require about 60 meters of cord. However, this can vary depending on the complexity of your design and the size of the hanger you want to create.

2. Macrame Hat Hangers

Coming a close second are the macrame hat hangers. With the same intricate knotting techniques as the cap hangers, these pieces are perfect for showcasing wide brim hats, making them an art piece in any space.

How do you make a hat organizer?

Making a hat organizer involves choosing the right cord, measuring it out, and using a variety of knotting techniques to create the structure. We'll explore more about this process in our upcoming Macrame Hat Hanger DIY Guide.

3. Macrame Fruit Hammocks

Macrame fruit hammocks are all the rage right now. Not only are they practical, but they also add a unique aesthetic touch to any kitchen, plus they're a fun way to store your fruit!

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