Sage & Twine Blog post about "5 Space-Saving Hat Hanger Macrame Solutions for Small Spaces"

"5 Space-Saving Hat Hanger Macrame Solutions for Small Spaces"

Have you ever pondered the perfect solution for your beautiful collection of hats? If your answer is yes, then you're in the right place! The Macrame Hat Hanger from Sage and Twine is an excellent way to display your hats while saving space. Below, we've got the top 5 solutions for small spaces.

1. Use Your Walls

Hang your hats on the wall with our unique Macrame Hat Hanger. It's an easy way to display your hats, keep them safe, and add a touch of class to your interior decor.

2. Behind-the-Door Storage

Make use of space behind your doors with a slim hat hanger. Our Macrame Hat Holder is perfect for this and will not damage your hats.

3. Displaying Hats as Decor

Display your hats as wall art with our Chloé Hat Hanger. Your hats will stay in shape, and you can show off your unique style.

4. Creating a Dedicated Hat Corner

Create a hat corner in your room using our Hat Hangers. It's a stylish way to keep your hats easily accessible while saving space.

5. Consider a Multi-Function Hanger

Our Macrame Shelf is perfect for those looking to incorporate more than just hats into their decor. It's a versatile piece that can hold hats, scarves, or other small accessories.

Why Choose a Macrame Hat Hanger?

A Macrame Hat Hanger from Sage & Twine is not just a practical storage solution; it's a statement of style and sustainability. Each piece is handcrafted with great attention to detail and made from sustainable materials. Not to mention, all our pieces are ready to ship, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • How do you make a flat hat smaller? Adjusting a hat size is a bit tricky, but it can be done. A Macrame Hat Hanger will help keep the shape of your hats, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.
  • How do you make a homemade hat rack? You can make a simple hat rack using materials you might already have at home, or choose from our collection of ready-made, stylish Macrame Hat Hangers.
  • How do you pin a small hat? To pin a small hat, you could use a hat pin or choose our Macrame Hat Hanger, designed to hold any hat size perfectly.
  • How much space should a hat have? This largely depends on the size of your hat and the space available. Our Macrame Hat Hanger is a versatile solution suitable for any space.
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