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The Difference Between Boho and Bohemian Style: A Look at Handmade Macrame Products

The Difference Between Boho and Bohemian Style: A Look at Handmade Macrame Products


The bohemian and boho style both promote individuality and free-spiritedness, but they have distinct differences. Boho style is a modern interpretation of bohemianism, which was popularized in the 19th century by artists and writers. Boho style is characterized by a mix of vintage, global, and natural elements, while bohemian style embraces unconventional, eclectic, and artistic elements.

Macrame Products for Boho and Bohemian Styles

At Sage and Twine, we offer a range of handmade macrame products that perfectly complement both boho and bohemian styles. Let's explore some of our unique macrame pieces that can add a touch of warmth, charm, and personality to any space.

Hanging Wall Macrame: Showcasing Your Hats

If you're looking for a creative way to display your hats, our macrame hat holders or hat hooks are the perfect solution. Made from ethically sourced cotton and renewable wood, these hangers are both functional and stylish. Hang them on the wall to create a hat rack for the wall that doubles as a piece of art.

Lucy Coaster Pair: A Touch of Boho Charm

Our handwoven macrame products can add a touch of boho charm to any room, and our Lucy Coaster Pair is a perfect example. Its beautiful, intricate design with fringed edges makes it a unique and sophisticated addition to your coffee table decor.

Fruit Hammock: Beautifully Display Your Fruit

Our macrame fruit hammock is made from sustainable 3mm cotton and comes with hooks for easy hanging. It's a functional and beautiful way to display your fruit while saving bench space in the kitchen. Browse our fruit hammock collection to find the perfect one for you.

Macrame Plant Hanger: Giving Your Plants the Attention They Deserve

A macrame plant hanger is another essential element of boho and bohemian styles. Our intricate macrame design adds an air of carefree elegance to any room and is the perfect addition to any plant enthusiast's home. Check out our plant hanger collection to find the perfect fit for your home.

Astrid Toilet Roll Holder: Unique and Stylish Bathroom Decor

Our Astrid Macrame and Wooden Dowel Toilet Roll and Hand Towel Holder is a unique and stylish addition to any bathroom. Handmade with natural materials, the hanger adds a touch of warmth and charm to your home.
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