Sage & Twine Blog post about Trend Alert: Hat Hanger Macrame is the Latest Must-Have Home Organization Hack

Trend Alert: Hat Hanger Macrame is the Latest Must-Have Home Organization Hack

Trend Alert: Macrame Hat Hanger - The Latest Must-Have Home Organization Hack

Looking for a unique and chic way to organize your hats while adding a touch of boho charm to your decor? The Macrame Hat Hanger is your perfect solution, a combination of fashion and function with a dash of artistry.

What is a Macrame Hat Hanger?

A macrame hat hanger, crafted with precision and an attention to detail, is a decorative piece designed to store and display hats. The charm of the Sage & Twine macrame hat hanger lies in its beauty and utility, marrying practicality with aesthetics.

Sustainable Materials and Detailed Craftsmanship

Each Macrame Hat Hanger from Sage & Twine is made from sustainable materials, preserving both the environment and the integrity of the craft. This attention to detail extends to every strand of the hanger, promising an artistic piece that is made with love.

How to Make Your Own Macrame Hat Hanger

Creating your own macrame hat hanger can be a fulfilling DIY project. Here are the materials and steps you need to make one:


  1. Macrame cord: The size of the cord depends on the desired thickness of the hanger. A 4mm-6mm cord is ideal for sturdy and aesthetic hangers.
  2. Dowel or wooden ring: This serves as the base of the hanger where you will tie your macrame knots.
  3. Scissors: For cutting and trimming the macrame cord.


  1. Measure and cut your macrame cord. You'll typically need around 50 meters of cord for a standard hat hanger.
  2. Tie the macrame cord onto the dowel or wooden ring using a lark's head knot. To create the main structure, use square knots, and finish with a gathering knot at the bottom.
  3. Trim the excess cord and voila, you've got your own Macrame Hat Hanger!

Macrame Hat Hangers at Sage & Twine

At Sage & Twine, we offer an exquisite range of ready-to-ship Macrame Hat Hangers that add a stylish touch to your wall. Each piece is made to order, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

Explore More Macrame Creations

Beyond hat hangers, you can find a variety of macrame items at Sage & Twine, from hammocks to plant hangers, shelves to toilet roll holders, each piece uniquely crafted with passion.

Bring a touch of Elegance with Macrame Hat Hangers

A Macrame Hat Hanger isn't just an organizational tool, it's a statement piece. And now, it's a trend that is taking the home decor world by storm. So why wait? Add an element of chic sophistication to your home with a Macrame Hat Hanger from Sage & Twine.

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